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Welcome to the New Law Business Model Hiring Process!

We expect significant growth this year, and we have a lot of strategic hiring to do.

The positions we are currently hiring for are:

Law Business Advisor

Our Hiring Process is designed to achieve 3 things:

1.)  Give A-Players an opportunity to get to know us before formally applying

2.)  Help A-Players really shine in the hiring process in ways a resume can’t

3.)  Save us all time by quickly screening for the best fit

What is an A-Player?

You take personal responsibility for everything. You inspire the people around you to set higher bars, to compete, to work smarter, to do what needs to be done to make things happen. You are always stretching goals you set and hate to lose. You are positive and authentic.

Entrepreneurial businesses are not for the faint of heart and they are definitely not for the clock-watching employee. A-players thrive on entrepreneurial energy, you love how fast things can get done, you hate bureaucracyexpect excellence, and want to make a real difference. Ultimately… you care.

The process is much like a funnel—wide on one end, narrow on the other. We need to screen many applicants for every person we hire, and we work smarter, not just harder, so we rely on processes like this to help us filter for the best possible candidates. Things get more personal as we go along, so hang in there—we will be doing group and/or personal interviews for everyone who makes it through the steps listed on this page.

If this excites you, then let’s begin!

Step 1) Study the sections, content and videos on our main website: to really get a sense for who we are, what we’re all about and how we add value to our lawyers, their members and the world. Also review the content on the base URL of this site.

Step 2) When you receive the Law Business Manifesto, get familiar with it. Maybe even print it out and mark it up with questions if that’s how you work best. The Manifesto is the foundation of everything we do.

  • You’ll also get a taste of our current marketing style and the content delivery system we use to deliver our programs.

Step 3) We want you to see what we’re up to from the inside. To do that, we’d like you to watch a sales presentation Alexis gave to the lawyers interested in our core membership products Personal Family Lawyer™ & Creative Business Lawyer™. You’ll not only get to hear her story, but you’ll see how we sell (currently, we’re always improving) and you’ll see the back end system we use to deliver what we sell. This is the domain you will be operating in, so it’s important for you to get the whole picture.

  • While you’re watching, feel into whether this is something you could sell. Everyone in the company is responsible for some version of sales or sales support from the unique positions we fill in the organization.

Step 4) If this still excites you, then please begin with a little introductory survey to help us get to know you.

Click on the link for the position to which you are applying:

Law Business Advisor

Once you complete the survey, we’ll lay out the next steps for you so you can see the entire process.

Have a wonderful day!

Alexis Neely
and the entire New Law Business Model team