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Welcome to the New Law Business Model Hiring Process!

We have a lot of very strategic hiring to do over the next year and a half in order to become the world class organization we envision.

The positions we are currently hiring for are:

Member Services Director

Our Hiring Process is designed to achieve 3 things in service to this vision:

1.)  Give A-Players an opportunity to get to know us before formally applying

2.)  Help A-Players really shine in the hiring process in ways a resume can’t

3.)  Save us all time by screening for the best fit at each step of the process

The process is much like a funnel – wide on one end, narrow on the other.  We need to screen 200 applicants for every single person we hire. There’s simply no way we can personally touch 200 resumes. So, we rely on processes like this to help us filter for the best possible candidates. Things get more personal as we go along, so hang in there – we will be doing group and personal interviews for everyone who makes it through the steps listed on this page.

What is an A-Player?

They take personal responsibility for everything. They inspire the people around them to set higher bars, to compete, to put in the necessary time. They are always stretching goals that you set and they hate to lose. 

Entrepreneurial businesses are not for the faint of heart and they are definitely not for the clock-watching employee. The A-players thrive on entrepreneurial energy, they love how fast things can get done, they hate bureaucracyexpect excellence, and want to make a real difference. Ultimately… they care.

If this excites you, then let’s begin!

Step 1.) Read through all the sections, content and videos on our main website: to really get a sense for who we are, what we’re all about and how we add value to our lawyers, their members and communities. Also, review the content on the base URL of this site.

  • Be sure to optin for the Law Business Manifesto.

Step 2.) When you receive the Law Business Manifesto, please read it through. Ideally, print it out, mark it up with notes and questions.

  • You’ll also get a taste of our style of marketing, along with the content delivery system we use to deliver our programs. Be sure to poke through this site, as well, to get a sense of the caliber of our content.

Step 3.) If everything still feels like a fit for you, then go ahead and read through this Painted Picture of what New Law Business Model will look like in 3 years.

  • Jot down some notes about what gets you most jazzed, and what creates a knot in your belly. We’ll ask you about this later in the process.

Step 4.) We want you to see what we’re up to from the inside. To do that, we’d like you to watch a sales presentation Alexis gave to the lawyers interested in our core membership products Personal Family Lawyer® & Creative Business Lawyer™. You’ll not only get to hear her story, but you’ll see how we sell and you’ll see the back end system we use to deliver what we sell. This is the first time she’s showing it publicly, because we just launched it. It’s the domain you will be operating in, so it’s important for you to get the whole picture.

  • While you’re watching, feel into whether this is something you could sell. Everyone in the company is responsible for some version of sales from the unique positions we fill in the organization. Please write down your questions, as we will ask you for them later in this process.

Step 5.) If this gets you jazzed, the please begin with a little introductory survey to help us get to know you.

Click on the link for the position to which you are applying:

Member Services Director

Step 6.) Then, so we can get a sense of your personality (and tech savvy), please create a short video – nor more than 120 seconds – and email it to us at [email protected] use “Title of Position You’re Applying For” as the subject.

You are welcome to include up to 3 samples of your work as attachments. Do not include a resume.

  • Video quality is less important than your charisma, confidence and clear communication ability. We are more interested in your attention to detail at this point, and will only be interviewing candidates who clearly follow guidelines provided at each stage of the interview process.

What happens from here?

Step 7.) If you are selected for the next round, we will invite you to a Group Interview on Google Hangout – bring your notes, questions and comments from earlier steps in the process. This is your chance to really shine.

Step 8.) Email Scenario test – we will give you 3 email scenarios common to the position you’re applying for. You’ll reply to those emails and we’ll read the replies to get a sense of whether your sensibilities align with ours.

Step 9.) We’ll ask for 3 letters of recommendation from previous employers and direct reports when applicable. We will also likely call them to discuss more in depth depending on the level of position you are applying for.

  • It would be wise to start preparing those now so we don’t have to wait!

Step 10.) Personality Profiling – we’ll pay for you to get typed in the Myers Briggs system, possibly one or two more depending on the position applied for.

  • It will be your option to pay for the 2 hour profile debrief session. This is highly insightful and we recommend you do so. It will help you know if this is ultimately the right fit for you, or if you’re running an inauthentic self program that is just telling you this is the right position for you, but you should really go be an artist or a marine biologist. Important stuff!

Step 11.) Shadow current team member who’s performing this work.

  • Take notes of your experience, how you see room for improvement, questions and any concerns you have.

Step 12.) One-on-One Interviews for discussion of compensation, benefits and final selection process.

That’s it, that’s the process!

As you can tell, we’re very serious about wanting a long-term partnership with you, and are willing to put in the time up front to ensure we aren’t repeating the process any time soon.

Have a wonderful day!

Alexis, Craig & the New Law Business Model team

ps – If you’d like us to keep you in the loop about future positions that will open up at NLBM, please share your email, below.

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