New Law Business Model

the guidanceyou need to buildthe practice you want

Excellent! Now that you’ve completed the survey…

Things start to get more personal from here forward:

Step 1) (Completed) The questionnaire you just responded to. We read each one carefully.

Step 2) Give us a sense of your personality, job-related skills, and tech savvy. Please create a short video — no more than 5 minutes — and email it to us at [email protected], use “Title of Position You’re Applying For” as the subject. Tell us why you are an ideal candidate for the position, and show us why your skills, personality, and expertise back that up. Real-world examples.

You are welcome to include up to 3 samples of your work as email attachments (or as walkthroughs in the video). Do not include a resume, we value your skills and personal ability more than your past titles.

  • Video quality is FAR LESS important than your skills, clear communication ability, potential, and timeliness in getting the video to us. We are an “agile” company, which means this. We are more interested in your initiative and attention to detail at this point, and will only be interviewing candidates who clearly follow guidelines provided at each stage of the interview process.

What happens from here?

Step 3) We’ll invite you to an Interview on Skype — bring your notes, questions and comments from earlier steps in the process. This is your chance to really have some fun! A good interview should be like that.

Step 4) We’ll ask for 3 letters of recommendation from previous employers and direct reports if applicable. We will also likely call them to discuss more in depth, depending on the level of position you are applying for.

  • It would be wise to start preparing those now.

Step 5) (As appropriate) Shadow current team member who’s performing this work (1 hour, virtual).

  • You will be asked to analyze and mentor/recommend better methods and explain WHY your methods are an improvement — teach the principles and reasons behind your suggestions.

Step 6) One-on-One Interviews for final discussion of compensation and final selection process.

That’s our process!

As you can tell, we’re very serious about wanting a long-term partnership with you, and are willing to put in the time up front to ensure we don’t repeat these steps any time soon. (It also gives you an idea of the kind of people you’ll work with — A-players like you.)

Have a wonderful day!

Alexis Neely (Founder and Lead Mentor)
Kevin Crenshaw (CEO)
and the entire New Law Business Model team