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Hi, I’m Alexis Neely. Million Dollar Practice Builder, Co-Founder of the New Law Business Model, and Mentor/Coach to hundreds of lawyers over the last 8 years.

Every lawyer I’ve ever known who really succeeded in the business of law has done so because they know you MUST invest in your business to grow. Boot-strapping simply won’t cut it for serious lawyer-preneurs.

They understand the key difference between an expense and an investment. And they know the various options available to them for getting the money they need to invest.

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If you haven’t listened to the training I did recently where I cover all this and more, go ahead and do that now.

Here’s What’s Included In The Program

In the Money For Your Business program, you will get everything you need to get money to grow your business, plus coaching from me to guide you in deploying it for maximum return on your investments in the shortest time possible. Here’s what’s included:

The BEST Law Practice Business Plan (Value $3,500)

One of our star members, Martha, used this exact plan to obtain her $65,000 bank loan. Just after closing, her banker literally told her that in 12 years of banking, “this is the best business plan I’ve seen.”

  • Includes a 60-page narrative that you can customize to your own practice needs
  • A detailed financial spreadsheet with real practice numbers you can customize
  • Plus, a very special article on How To Increase Your Chances Of Getting A Loan

If you’re an estate planning lawyer in one of our programs, this will be super quick and easy to adapt to your practice. If not, you’ll have a little work to do to make it fit your practice area and locale, but it’ll save you days and weeks of work, and in fact may make all the difference between whether you even apply for a loan or just forget about it altogether because it is a LOT of work to apply for a bank loan if you have to start from scratch like Martha did.

Unsecured, Non-Recourse Business Credit Up To $100,000** Or More (Value Priceless)

When you invest in Money For Your Business, I’m going to personally introduce you to the team we refer to our elite Personal Family Lawyer® members for their credit needs. Just last year alone, they obtained over $800,000 for our lawyers.

  • Get business and corporate credit lines that aren’t tied to personal assets and don’t show up on your personal credit report.
  • You also don’t need to have a business to qualify, so if you’re looking to start your own practice in the near future, you can get the money you need before you even have a viable business..
  • Next week I’m hosting an insider webinar where we cover everything they do in detail – you’ll learn how you can quickly get 50k to well over 150k* in unsecured 0% interest Business credit lines and how they can help you do that better than anyone – they’ll take care of everything from there, including all bank negotiations and setting you up on the right credit lines so it doesn’t impact your personal credit score.
  • Get a code you can use to access a special offer from them, only available for those who invest in Money For Your Business
Special Brief: When (and How) To Use Your 401(k) To Finance Your Law Firm (Value $97)

For those of you who have money just sitting in your 401(k), this brief will teach you the right and wrong ways to access that money.

  • Learn how to minimize taxes and penalties for early withdrawal.
  • Find out the ‘guerilla’ way to access your 401(k) funds without paying private retirement account managers thousands of dollars to set up and maintain your account.
  • Get access to my 401(k) go-to contact so you don’t have to figure it out yourself.
2 Months of Live Law Business Coaching (Value $497/mo)

Most lawyers can not afford to hire me for private consultations any more. Now that my time is so scarce, I have to charge upwards of $2000 per hour to consult privately, but you will have the chance to speak with me on my monthly, group access Live Law Business Coaching calls…

  • So once you have new financing in hand, you can call on me for help to invest it wisely.
  • I’ll be there to help you evaluate opportunities and guide you to build a law practice you love that loves you back – I’ve been doing this for 8 years. I’ve helped 100’s of lawyers do just that and it’s something I truly love.

*Disclosure and Guarantee: These ARE the typical results for our own clients who have used these services in the past. This service is provided by our partners and requires an additional purchase from them directly. Your individual results will (of course) depend on your situation, so specific or identical results cannot be guaranteed, nor can we guarantee that you will qualify. However, they offer a FULL 60-day money-back guarantee on that purchase if, for any reason, you are unsatisfied with the services they provided or were unable to qualify.
See the provider web site for exact details.

That’s over $4,500 worth of value, but I’m not going to ask for anything near that number from you…

If you ORDER NOW, I’m going to take the investment all the way down to $997

That’s as low as I can possibly take it and still compensate Martha for her business plan. In fact, at that price, we’re barely breaking even on this program…

But the reason I’m doing this is not to make money here. Truthfully, I am hoping that you’ll get a taste of how we work here at NLBM and when you get your money, you’ll come back and want to work with us. That’s not a requirement of course, and I’ll be happy to see you get your money and invest it where it makes the most sense for you – I just want to see you get off that treadmill of dread in your practice.

Order NOW and Get Everything For Only $997


Geoff Hoatson Interview Recording (15min)

On my training call, I promised to link to this recording of an interview with a member of my elite coaching program who really gets it. He shares his insights along with the top 5 places he has seen the greatest returns on his investments in his own practice.

Listen to this 15 minute conversation here:

Martha Hartney’s Banker Testifies…

Here is Martha’s video that she took right after she closed her $65,000 loan. Her banker literally tells her that in 12 years of banking, “this is the best business plan I’ve seen.”

No-Fail Guarantee

**We want you to feel complete confidence when you invest with us.

So, our guarantee to you is: when you invest in any one of our courses, and you do the work to secure the financing you are seeking, you will get the money you need to grow your business OR we will work with you personally to find out why and provide you with the coaching support you need until your course pays for itself… 3 times over.

We’re taking all the risk because we want you to invest wisely, with confidence, and know we’re on your team.


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