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Director of Marketing – Career Opportunity

Rapidly growing, online training company ($1.5M/yr) seeks an insightful, highly-motivated yet teachable Director of Marketing to design, oversee, and carry out all our marketing strategy, advertising campaigns, joint ventures, PR campaigns, and everything else needed to increase sales in multiple channels for our heart-centered lawyers.


Law Business Mentors (also dba New Law Business Model) already has a superb sales, client support, technical, content creation, and client coaching teams in place to deliver and scale to whatever level you are capable of ramping us up to. You will be stepping into the leading role with the full supporting cast behind you.

In an age where graduating attorneys can’t get a job, Law Business Mentors literally transforms the lives of lawyers and their clients. We teach and train and support them in creating law businesses that let them control their hours, with clients who love them, in law areas that don’t make people unhappy, where they develop real relationships clients who love to call and talk with them. We create happy lawyers with happy clients who make the world a better place.

We can even prove our results. (Click and scroll to see the graphs.)


You are OBSESSED with marketing — especially the world of online marketing. You read marketing books and articles for fun, marketing seminars are your idea of a good vacation, and basically eat breathe and live marketing. But… you need an opportunity to really apply everything you’re learning and prove yourself in a fun, flexible company with AMAZING team culture… If that’s you, this may be the most exciting post you ever read.

You know exactly what it takes (and WHY those methods work) to produce superb results from online marketing funnels, webinars, campaigns, partnerships, PR campaigns, and other promotions. You’ve seen it done many times before, and you understand the principles of excellent marketing.

You know which ads are likely to produce and why, and how to get the best ad placements at the best rates. You constantly keep abreast of the changes and industry trends in the fast-paced world of internet and mobile marketing.

You are a DOer, not just a manager. We’re a small company and everyone gets their hands dirty doing the actual work, but you know how to lead (and/or are willing to be taught how by our CEO). In this role you will lead a small cross-functional team (4 or 5 people) that will assist in technical implementation, Infusionsoft campaign creation/management, graphic design, optimization, copy writing, reporting, and more. However, you drive the vision and ensure excellent results, and like any leader of a small team you are proficient at many of these things and love to do them yourself, as needed and able. You will both lead and drive the vision and help carry it out in this role.

We favor potential, skills, and character rather than career history — potential trumps achievement in our book — so you do NOT need a lot of experience. You DO need to be able to prove your abilities. Your potential WILL be fully tapped here — you know your stuff, so you will be empowered to make things happen. You are an up-and-comer, team player who appreciates a genuine opportunity to learn and play ball with real resources (both team and financial) to back your strategies. This is a key   role that will participate in profit sharing as benchmarks are met.

You are positive, enthusiastic, filled with initiative yet teachable and intensely practical. You love to turn ideas into realities. you love “agile” business — taking action, learning/improving/pivoting rapidly. You are smart and strategic, BUT you ask the right questions first, then take decisive and focused action. Failure isn’t an option, because you know there are always possibilities. This is really a role where you can play with your most creative ideas and realize the accomplishments you want to see on your future resume.

You’ll work virtually from your own home, so you are driven and self-motivated with strong outside social support. Ability to self-manage, prioritize without losing details for future projects, and quickly pick up new tools and systems is a must. This is a true contractor position — LLC or Corp required — so a smaller side client or start-up is allowed and even encouraged.


Your interview starts right now. You will need AT LEAST the following resources to evaluate us and apply. This is just a sampling and we may add to it at any time:
(Download and read.)


Your daily and weekly responsibilities will include…

WHAT will your responsibilities look like, exactly? You’ll need to tell US when you apply. If you know and are prepared well for this role, this question should excite you! Write your own job description!

Our weekly meetings are fast, agile, and highly interactive. We get REAL WORK done in these sessions, and you will need to participate fully in each one:

  • Marketing/Sales Team call (you lead here… what will you DO in such a meeting?)

  • Campaign Thrashing/Planning meeting/s where the details of new campaigns are hammered out under the direction of a project manager (you are a key stakeholder or customer here… what will you DO in such a meeting?)

  • Individual 1-1 meetings with those you supervise (you lead here… what will you DO in such a meeting?)

  • Individual 1-1 meetings with the CEO (what will you DO in such a meeting?)


Moderate base, plus strong performance bonus, plus profit-sharing. See question in survey regarding your overall needs (discussed next).


To be considered, please review our Hiring Process for next steps.

We’re very serious about wanting a long-term partnership with you, and are willing to put in the time up front to ensure we aren’t repeating the process any time soon.

Have a wonderful day!

Alexis Neely, Founder and Head Mentor
Kevin Crenshaw, CEO
And the New Law Business Model team