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Career Opportunity (or Anchor Coaching Contract):
Success Coach for Lawyers

Rapidly growing, online training company seeks a motivated and experienced Part Time (to Full Time) Success Coach to guide our heart-centered lawyers in a structured, rigorous and proven implementation process. You will help them articulate and keep sights on their vision, hold them accountable to implementation steps and ensure their success in (and satisfaction with) both their practice and the program.

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You are a coach, change agent, and INFLUENCER at heart. You are OBSESSED with results. You read success-related books for fun, personal transformation seminars are your idea of an exciting vacation, and basically eat breathe and live growth and coaching. You LOVE influencing change for good. You LOVE people. You have some kind of background or immersion in coaching or psychology or counseling. But… you need an opportunity to really apply everything you’re learning and prove yourself in a fun, flexible company with AMAZING team culture.


  • Coaching or counseling or psychology or similar* experience or immersion, with specific successes/results you can demonstrate (*like resolutely influencing change over a prolonged time in any type of organization against all odds–including in a home environment)
  • Strong listening skills: you ask brilliant questions to quickly identify (and help others identify) core issues that hold them back
  • Effective teaching and training skills and experience
  • Ability to build rapport to influence and encourage rapid change
  • Business and marketing knowledge (have created your own business at some level)
  • Emotional intelligence, high EQ (emotional quotient) combined with sensitivity to others’ emotional state and needs
  • Simple project management/GTD (help people identify single next steps and overall plan for success)
  • Creating simple but clear structures for progress; collaboratively setting goals
  • Focus: leading uncertain discussions to great conclusions with clear action plans
  • Leading from behind: listening for others’ motivators, needs, vision, and desire and connecting with them to find great solutions
  • Comfortable with rigorous accountability
  • Transformation skills (having proven success helping people to break through, know WHY they succeeded, what the principles and methods were that they used and ability to replicate success)
  • Rapid learning: grasping and mastering new systems and materials quickly, to then teach them to others
  • >Belief in people’s capacity to live their dreams
  • Highly teachable and coachable yourself, always ready to learn from others
  • Positive thinking/optimism that solutions can be found
  • Strengths-based approach: once issues are identified, NOT problem-focused but rather vision/solution/celebration focused mindset and approach
  • Team coordination / cooperation–supporting and relying on fellow team members for everyone’s success
  • Personal organization: excellent note-taking, organization, and appointment-keeping skills
  • Experience communicating with lawyers is a plus.


This is a TELECOMMUTING position, working from your own home office.

This can be an ideal “anchor contract” for an existing Life Coach, Business Coach, or similar who will also assist their own clients on the side. We provide a solid, steady stream of clients as your core coaching business, and you coach other clients on your own at higher rates in your own non-competitive practice.


We are a 100% virtual company who creates happy, successful law businesses for attorneys who want to improve the quality of life for their clients and make a positive difference in the world, including families, family businesses, and small businesses. We use a proven systems-based approach with online training, weekly group coaching, a vast library of marketing materials and other tools they can tap into, and monthly one-on-one coaching (which is where you come into the picture). We’re planning to double revenue in the next 12 months. See:


Your job is to meet clients where they are, understand the highest leverage implementation next steps, and hold them accountable to action in order to produce the results they need to get a superb return on their training investment.

You will utilize expert listening skills to understand where each member is in their law business and transformation process (often reading between the lines), then apply our systems AND your business and marketing expertise and encouragement to guide clients through their business development and implementation process. You’ll also utilize personal transformation skills to help members have and celebrate big breakthroughs as they grow as business owners.
We like emerging talent, win-win, team players who show real promise and who love genuine opportunities to learn and keep training to reach peak performance.

Providing references and demonstrating your abilities is a must (even if you’re new to the game). You don’t have to have a lot of experience, but you must be able to prove you know what you’re doing, why it works (or doesn’t) and what you’re doing to keep ahead of the curve with producing results through your coaching.


You’ll work virtually from your own home so you need to be extremely self-motivated and thrive in getting work done in your own environment with no one micromanaging you. Your ability to self-manage, stay connected with your team, prioritize without losing details, and provide outstanding client care and support independently are all essential.

You will be a true independent contractor, and will need to be part of your own LLC or Inc. within 45 days of starting (or ideally, already formed).

You also need your own computer and ironclad, super-reliable Internet and phone service, of course, and be able to work during normal business hours US Central Time.


This can be a DREAM JOB or anchor contract for a coaching practice. We have an excellent, proven program that is easy to follow and implement. We qualify all members, so you meet members who are ready to go and appreciating the tools and resources you’re supporting and representing. You will just be adding a layer of support and accountability to ensure our members’ success.

We make regular investments in team training and company consulting with proven results. You will benefit from this training and be responsible for implementing agile growth into your own work. You will have support from the owners, the team and support staff.

We are a fun, sociable, no-drama, let’s-get-it-done team that has grown super quickly over the past 3 years. We’re 100% bootstrapped so we have to get creative, and you will too. We do our best to not work on the weekends and we think work should be a fulfilling complement to the rest of your life, not a replacement for it!


Our innovative company offers programs and products that empower and inspire lawyers to implement a new law business model and transform their lives and those of their members, and we offer excellent potential for growth.

Your daily and weekly responsibilities include:

  • Law Business Success Coaching

    • Schedule & conduct monthly calls with clients. (Some clients will want more frequent contact and will pay extra for it, but mostly it is one call per client per month.)

    • Direct & guide clients in their customized implementation process based on a general program structure.

    • Track all notes and progress in company database and client google doc/spreadsheet.

    • Provide just-in-time support to clients between calls as needed.

    • “Own” any customer service issues with your clients and oversee them until they are resolved and reported back to the client.

    • Attend weekly group coaching calls, including driving content to these calls & supporting the client takeaways that happen on these calls to build momentum in their practices.

  • Participate in Fast, Agile, and Highly Interactive Weekly Meetings

    • Weekly Success Coach Team call

    • Individual development meetings


You will be the “owner” of the lawyer’s success in transforming their law business (besides the attorneys themselves), so your compensation will be a fixed % of our monthly revenues from that client, including any services you upsell to them.

This approach can provide a solid hourly rate for you including all overhead of team and supervisor meetings and customer service issues. The more clients you serve, the better your net rate per hour because team meetings and one-on-ones are fixed regardless of the number of clients.


For consideration, review our Hiring Process for next steps.

We’re very serious about adding amazing people to our team. We want a long-term partnership with you, and we are willing to put in the time up front to ensure we aren’t repeating the process anytime soon.

Have a wonderful day!

Alexis Neely (Founder and Lead Mentor)
Kevin Crenshaw (CEO)
& the New Law Business Model Team