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Career Opportunity: Love Up Our Clients and Prospects
(Email, Phone, Facebook, LinkedIn)

If you’re a detailed-driven, super friendly and spiritually centered adult who loves working from your computer from anywhere you choose and as part of a GREAT team … read on!

Our company changes lives. The people we serve are lawyers who went to law school to make a difference and now are ready to learn how to build their law practice into a business while serving families and small business owners using our training systems and programs.



  • You have experience as a frontline customer service professional and love providing total concierge level service with a smart tone, and a soft touch.

  • You learn quickly, are a self-starter, want to grow, can self-manage and don’t need a lot of hand-holding.

  • You adore systems, and love to create checklists and work processes the first time so the next time something needs to be done, it’s already documented.

  • You aren’t afraid to ask questions to get the job done.

  • You aren’t afraid to support prospects to invest in order to grow their business with our proven training and membership programs.

  • You love technology, and love being behind the computer all day where the action is. (We use several technology platforms including Gmail, Google Calendar, Smartsheets, Infusionsoft, Assembla, GoToWebinar, Basecamp, Facebook, Skype and RingCentral.)

  • Experience communicating with professionals in a professional, yet warm and inviting, even loving tone is key. 

Exceptional candidates will have an impressive ability to establish rapport with our lawyer members, find out where they need support and let them know you are there for them, and doing whatever it takes to provide the service they are requesting. (You also know how to distinguish between tire kickers and nags, who need a different kind of handling, and you are adept at that as well.) Above all – you must LOVE these things and have references confirming that you thrive in this type of role.


Our innovative company offers programs and products that empower and inspire lawyers to implement a new law business model and transform their lives and those of their clients, and we offer excellent potential for growth. Your daily and weekly responsibilities will include:

Always: Make all prospects & clients feel awesome!

  • That’s really Job #1. If you can do that, you’re a keeper. We’ll provide you with the tools, training and team-mates to support you, but we can’t train for this, so if you don’t have it, this isn’t a fit.
  • This includes connecting with everyone who reaches out through email, facebook, basecamp, linkedin, and phone. Ensuring that their needs are understood, then finding out the best way to handle their needs. In doing so, you will also document the best practices in our company wiki, so you build a knowledge base for yourself until you are totally autonomous.

  • This also includes connecting with prospects who need support understanding which programs are right for them, putting them into Infusionsoft sales pipeline, following up with them by email and phone, providing links and offers, and reporting to Alexis on where prospects are at in their purchase decision cycle.
  • And, most importantly, making sure our members feel the love.  Lawyers tend to be anxious people and one of our guiding principles is to help lawyers relax, so if you can do this for our members, you’ll be with us a long time.

Weekly: Prepare Agenda & Support Alexis on Group Coaching Calls  

  • Every week, Alexis hosts a group coaching call for our members and customers. You will be on the call, recording and taking notes. The call agenda will be compiled throughout the week by you letting every lawyer who asks a question in email, facebook, basecamp, etc… that Alexis will be happy to answer their question on the call, and then making sure they have everything they need to attend, and following up afterward with a link to the call recording and approximate time location so they can listen again as needed.

  • You’ll also coordinate with our Member Accountability Coaching Call coaches (MACCs) to ensure their individual members are supported at the administrative / tactical level.

As Needed: There will often be non-routine requests made 

  • Calling a list of existing product buyers to check in and see how they are doing.
  • Working with another team member to complete a project that touches your role or department.
  • Bringing your unique skills and talents to a project that makes a big impact, even if it’s not technically your role.

General Staff Requirements: Everyone on the team is on the hook for this…

  • Maintain documentation in accordance with company standards
  • Update and create checklists for Standard Operating Procedures as your work evolves
  • Attend regular individual development, departmental and other team meetings as requested


The Front-Line Customer Service role is a great position if you love working from your computer and want the flexibility of responding to emails and making phone calls based on a schedule of your choosing.  So long as you have a no-excuses attitude and can get the job done, we’re indifferent about when and where you do it.

Compensation is commensurate with experience, and if you happen to make sales while you are covering the inbox (which is very likely) you will receive commissions on top of your regular pay.

While this is a virtual work from anywhere position, it is not part-time or short-term. You will begin as an independent contractor and – if we all love each other after a 90-day trial period – we will discuss the possibility of moving you into full-time employee role.

We offer the opportunity for growth, flexibility, a meaningful work environment and a way to feel autonomous while having steady income.

If you love to ninja through an inbox providing great customer service, make welcome calls to our new purchasers, take notes in Infusionsoft and love up our prospects and members, we want you to be part of our team!


For consideration, please review our Hiring Process for next steps.

We’re very serious about wanting a long-term partnership with you, and are willing to put in the time up front to ensure we aren’t repeating the process any time soon.

Have a wonderful day!

Alexis, Craig & the New Law Business Model Team