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Telecommuting Career Opportunity: Right-Brained Creative Type With Left-Brained Project Management/Client Skills to Work Closely With Founders 

Our business trains lawyers on a new law business model, created by Alexis Neely, that allows lawyers to love their practices and be loved by their clients. (And it’s our secret mission to help these same lawyers guide their clients to be better parents, better business owners, and better citizens of their communities.)

As part of our service, we provide our heart-centered lawyer members a suite of “done for you” creative/marketing services imagined by Alexis and including weekly email newsletters (eZines), monthly mailed newsletters, and monthly marketing campaigns (including PowerPoint, postcards, ads and free reports).

We are looking for a design-oriented, creatively aware, project manager type who can work directly with Alexis (Ali Shanti) and our clients to ensure each promised piece of creative gets produced and shipped on deadline with excellence. You will coordinate all the amazing content we create for our lawyers to use in their local practices as they make the world a better place.

This is a bit higher than entry-level, but with plenty of room to grow (even all the way up to Director level–eventually replacing Alexis as Director of Content/Product Creation if you’re interested). This is an all-virtual role and requires a huge amount of self-management and personal responsibility.

While we do have a designer and copywriter and webmaster on the team, your ability to pinch hit in any one or more of these roles is a major plus.  Please be sure to let us know what you can handle from a design, copy or web perspective when you apply. Project management (and ability to get the job done, not doing it yourself) is highest priority, but we do want to know what you can do yourself if necessary.


  • Seeing things through from the start to the finish of simple, recurring monthly creation/customization projects for our members. Ability to deliver great results with a minimum of supervision.
  • Corresponding with members to understand customization needs for their marketing materials, including: monthly mailed marketing campaigns, brochures, flyers, pdfs and web assets (banner ads, and occasional websites) culminating in formal approval before going to press.
  • Coordinating with internal team and managing outside vendors for content development, design, writing & printing.
  • Creating detailed work orders for each member or project and efficiently submitting to  accounting department.
  • Contributing to our highly-interactive team meetings. This is a virtual, work-from-home position, but you will attend virtual meetings regularly, on time, and prepared to focus and engage with the team.


  • Members feel seen, heard, held and wowed through their interactions with you
  • Files named and stored in a highly organized fashion in dropbox
  • Maintain and update master file templates (newsletters, flyers, etc)
  • Follow and create agile Standard Operating Procedures, including updating SOPs as work evolves
  • Working with accounting to ensure all upcharges for custom work are billed to the appropriate member


  • You must have great communication skills, both written and spoken English.
  • Must be dependable and reliable, with a proven track record of always hitting your deadlines.


The Creative Services Coordinator is a great position if you love working with a creative tsunami like Alexis and managing up to create the phenomenal so we can change the world together. While this is a virtual, work-from-home position, it is not short-term. We are sincerely committed to building a world-class team culture (think Zappos, but more practical, agile, and a lot smaller). We want someone equally dedicated who wants to grow with us.

Your first 90 days are probationary. The role is part-time at first (25+ hours/week) and could easily expand to full-time over the next 6 months. You’ll be a true Independent Contractor, which means you use your own tools, work your own schedule (at least half of it during regular business hours so you can communicate the team, suppliers, and clients), solve problems in the way that works best for you, and do similar work for other firms. We prefer contractors who have (or want to set up) their own LLC/Corporation for all their contracting work.


To be considered, you must follow our Hiring Process for next steps.

Your application will be read carefully. We’re very serious about wanting a long-term partnership with you, and are willing to put in the time up front to ensure we aren’t repeating the process any time soon.

Have a wonderful day!

Alexis & Craig (Founders)
Kevin (CEO)
and the entire New Law Business Model Team