Would You Like To Speak With Me By Phone?

AlexisAt this time, I have only an hour or so each week available to speak with folks interested in our programs, so while I LOVE speaking with lawyers about growing their practices, I can only meet with you if you’re genuinely ready to build a law business you love based on our proven systems.

Consulting Inquiries

My consulting time is $2,000/hr, and if you are interested in hiring me for custom consulting then please email [email protected] with the subject line: Alexis Consulting Inquiry.

Program Questions

If you are considering an investment in one of our programs, and feel that speaking with me personally will give you the reassurance, advice or specific product information you need to take that step with utmost confidence, then I am happy to get on the phone with you.

The way my team has structured my time, it may take up to a week or more to get on my calendar, depending on what projects we have going on, so I encourage you to book that time now if you’re serious.

The way to know if you’re serious is to purchase that time on the phone with me for $500 (you’ll never get my consulting for such a bargain again), which I will be happy to apply 100% to your investment in any of our programs once you are certain which one is right for you based on our call.

Click here to secure your time with a $500 deposit.

In the event that we determine there is simply not a fit for you with our systems, I will return your money within 48 business hours (as soon as my team can process your refund). Otherwise, this is the best law business consulting bargain I offer.

Other Ways To Connect With Me

All of our programs offer some group coaching time with me (minimum once per month, to as often as weekly). So, when you invest, you’re also getting access to me for laser coaching to help you implement the program.

The final option would be to invest in our Live Law Business Coaching program which we offer at $497/mo for a monthly group coaching call. It’s primarily designed to serve lawyers implementing our programs, but you can ask me any questions you like. We provide an option where you can write in your question and listen to my response later when we send out the recording.

Click here to invest in Live Law Business Coaching