I want your support to build my business on the new paradigm system clients love
that will keep my cash flow steady and allow me to love being a lawyer again.

I’ve watched the video and that’s all I need, take me to where I can join

Dear Future PFL/CBL or FBL,

You are here because you want to be a certain kind of lawyer – one who is respected, loved and appreciated by your clients.

Perhaps, you already are that!

But, you aren’t making as much money as you would like because you are giving away your time, or...

...you are loved by the clients you do have, but your phone just isn’t ringing consistently enough.

If you have any of that going on in your life or business, we can help.

If you want to be the kind of lawyer who is respected, loved and appreciated, we can help you be that and then have a steady stream of clients who rave about you and help you keep your phone ringing, month in and month out.

We cannot help you if you are not that kind of lawyer. If you are the kind of lawyer who is happy being unhappy, litigious, acrimonious, complaining, bitter, mean, non-responsive, or is not willing to shift from a skeptical, pessimistic training base, we cannot help.

But, if you really do want to be the lawyer your clients love and make a great living doing it, we’ve got you covered!

If You Serve Families:

If you serve families, we train you to be a Personal Family Lawyer®

As a Personal Family Lawyer® you are no longer just like the rest of the estate planning lawyers in your community, competing with the online document drafting services to prepare Wills, Trusts and Health Care Directives for your clients.

Instead, you will set yourself apart as a lawyer who:

  • helps your clients be better parents;

  • is uniquely qualified to serve the needs of families in your local community to leave a legacy of love and values, not just money;

  • is regularly seen and known in the community as the trusted advisor families turn to when they want or need something more than a cold set of legal documents;

  • is the go to lawyer for families who care about their loved ones in your community

If You Serve Business Owners:

If you serve business owners, we train you to be a Creative Business Lawyer™

As a Creative Business Lawyer™, you are no longer indistinguishable from the rest of the lawyers trying to serve the business community with corporate formations and trademarks that savvy business owners think they can do themselves.

Instead, you will set yourself apart as a lawyer who:

  • helps your clients be better business owners and grow a more successful, impactful business;

  • is uniquely qualified to serve the needs of business owners in a particular market segment or niche you really enjoy serving;

  • has specific training in what business owners really need in the new economy when they are marketing and doing business online;

  • guides her clients to make the best deals possible, and make those deals with a win/win agreement making process instead of the old win/lose way most lawyers practice;

  • understands and can support business owners who have (or want) multi- revenue streams businesses;

  • is the trusted advisor you have always wanted to be to your clients.

You will no longer feel frustrated that your clients are paying for expensive business coaching instead of necessary legal services because they say they cannot afford it.

If You Serve Both Families and Business Owners:

If you serve both families and business owners, we train you as both a Personal Family Lawyer® and a Creative Business Lawyer™. Then, we call you a Family Business Lawyer™.

As a Family Business Lawyer™, you are the lawyer your clients turn to for counsel, guidance, and advice, not just documents and transactions.

Become Both a Personal Family Lawyer® and Creative Business Lawyer™...

We Don’t Just Give You Training and Leave You
On Your Own to Make a Business Out of It,
We Guide You to a Profitable, Sustainable Business Model
and Help You Reach & Serve Your Clients

Whether you are a Personal Family Lawyer®, Creative Business Lawyer™ or both, you will be on the phone with Alexis and the other PFLs and CBLs once a month as she expertly and strategically guides you to take one step after another to build the business you want.

Alexis has built numerous 6 and 7 figure businesses since 2006 when her own law firm hit a million dollars of revenue.

Since then, Alexis has trained hundreds of lawyers on how to attract, engage, serve and retain clients using her new paradigm business model, which she calls the PFL Way™, universally loved by both lawyers and their clients.

To read about some of their experiences, go here.

You will access this training through our online membership portal so you can go at your own pace with the program. If you want to receive all the training in one week, you can do that. If you would prefer to stretch it out over one year, you can do that too.

You decide how fast or slow to go based on your life and business circumstances.

We serve lawyers who are just coming out of law school, like Martha Hartney:

We serve lawyers who are transitioning from one practice area into serving families and small business owners, like Christine Faulkner:

And we serve lawyers who have been serving families and business owners for many years, but just never got their practice running with the streamlined systems they and their clients could count on, like Yeti Agnew, Robert Galliano and David Feakes:

"More Referrals From Satisfied Clients ..."

"With Alexis' help I'm becoming the lawyer I've always wanted to be. We provide a better service to our clients. Clients (and others) comment favourably about their service experience to us. Our clients love us...more than they did before.

We are getting more referrals from satisfied clients. We are getting more referrals from our referral sources.

We're learning how to differentiate ourselves in the market and how to market ourselves in a distinct way.

Working with Alexis has been the most exciting and the most demanding CLE I've done since being called to the bar. She has great ideas, coupled with an real openness to adaptations of her ideas to our practice in our market.

It has not been easy unlearning years of "professional practise" experience and questioning the common wisdom out there.

Similarly, it has not been easy to learn new habits, change the operations of our office and train staff in new ways of serving clients, but it is definitely worthwhile and immensely rewarding on many levels." ~ Yeti Agnew, www.yetilaw.com

"Within a few months of working with Alexis,
I've increased my fees 1000%..."

"I ignored Alexis' emails for months. Quite frankly, I was very skeptical about her claims. After 25 years practicing law, I thought she wouldn't be able to teach me anything. I was wrong.

Within a few months of working with Alexis, I've increased my fees 1000% (that is not a typo-one thousand percent), and I recently engaged 7 out of 7 new prospects at $4,000 each.

The best part is I'm energized and love my business again. I sure wish I would have opened her emails sooner." ~ Robert Galliano

"Completely transformed my practice..."

David Feakes, www.feakeslaw.com

So whether you are just starting out or have been at this for years, the training we provide will support you to make the transition from the kind of lawyer you don’t love to be (or one who is struggling) into what you’ve always known was possible.

Beyond Simply Training, We Give You
A Whole New Business Model to Implement

Training alone is not enough, you need a whole new business model.

There are many organizations out there that will train you to lawyer in a new way, but then they leave you on your own to create a profitable business model that will actually turn into cash flow in your business. And then, you realize something very important is missing.

You never seem to have enough money coming in to to feel confident. Revenue certainly isn’t predictable, consistent or dependable. You realize it is not sustainable to keep doing business the way you have been, but you have not been given the tools to change the money and systems part of your business.

With the Personal Family Lawyer® and/or Creative Business Lawyer™ Business Model in place, you will

  • stop giving away free initial consultations and instead giveaway something a whole lot better to attract a steady stream of clients who love to work with you and will not shop around;

  • have a proven process and system in place for engaging new clients on a consistent basis and commanding higher fees than you have ever been able to in the past because you feel so confident about what you are delivering;

  • never again charge for your time on an hourly basis and instead have flat, package-based fees that your prospects understand completely and can say yes to easily;,

  • have clear packages and pricing your clients can understand and appreciate, and

  • a recurring revenue model and system for serving your clients, you and your clients can count on.

You will also have a client engagement system that turns on as soon as someone calls or emails your office so you (or your team) can pre-screen and pre-qualify every prospect so that by the time you get one on one with a prospect, they are no longer shopping around. Instead, they are ready to find out how you can help them.

We give you all the pieces of your client engagement system, so you do not have to create anything from scratch. You can just use our templates and drop your name in.

Plus, you will have a system for serving your clients that keeps you in contact with your clients on a regular basis. And they will WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU instead of dreading an envelope in the mail from their lawyer.

When your clients hear from you on a regular basis, they will talk about you (in a really good way) to their friends, family, and colleagues. We will make it easy for you to stay in touch.

None of this matters if your phone isn’t ringing, so we will also give you proven, tested, being used right now resources to get your phone ringing with the right clients for you.

Once You’ve Got the Business Model in Place,
We Help You Get More Clients & Serve Them In a Way
That Feels Extraordinary to You and Them
(This is How You Create Raving Fans
Who Do Your Marketing For You!)

We help you get more clients in a number of ways:

  1. We provide you with proven lead generation resources, including a complete campaign and custom landing page for generating leads online, a best-selling book and three highly-acclaimed home study programs, all of which market your services (it would cost you tens , if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars and several years to replicate just these resources in your practice);

  2. We give you proven and tested marketing presentations/seminars and workshops for reaching your ideal prospects both online and in your local community;

  3. We write a weekly article for you to use in your email newsletter or on your blog so you can keep in touch with your prospects, clients and referral sources and stay top of mind, always;

  4. We prepare a monthly newsletter for you to send to your prospects, clients and referral sources by mail (this is one of the key ways to generate more referrals each and every month);

  5. We give you web copy for your website so you can take it from a one-way brochure site that doesn’t turn into new business for you into a two-way interactive lead generating machine;

  6. We guide you and give you resources to create a local marketing mastermind collaborative with complementary professionals who will share the costs of marketing with you and increase the return on your marketing investment without you having to spend everyday at time-consuming and expensive networking lunches.

  7. We list you on our Personal Family Lawyer® and/or Creative Business Lawyer™ websites where we link back to your website (good for SEO) and we send you the leads we receive from these and our other lead generation websites.

  8. Plus even more that is specific to each designation...

    • As a Personal Family Lawyer® we also create a brand new marketing campaign for you to use in your own local community each and every month;

    • As a Creative Business Lawyer™, we also give you our Money Map to Freedom and LIFT programs to first use in your own business and then with your clients to help them upgrade their business model, introduce multiple-streams of revenue, and become all around sustainable in the new economy.

Hear how Nicole Newman filled her practice & Keeps Her Appointment Book Filled using only our resources!

If you are ready for us to help you not only practice in a way you love, but also build your business model and keep your phone ringing, enroll now:

Still not sure? Maybe thinking you can
do it yourself or it’s too expensive?

The reality is that it would take you years of trial and error to create all of these resources for your own practice. And many of you would never be able to do it because it requires a skillset that does not come naturally to most lawyers.

Fortunately, it does to me. I am a content creation machine. And I have a knack for creating content that clients love.

As I was creating all of this for my own practice, I invested hundreds of thousands of dollars and took a LOT of risk to try things out, see what would work, what didn’t work and kept trying new things.

While I was doing it, I knew I wasn’t doing it just for me – I was doing it for you! I was doing it for all the other lawyers I knew who would never again have to reinvent the wheel.

You Do Not Have to Start from Scratch;
Leverage What I Have Created and Either Use it As-Is or Make It Your Own.

The good news is you do not have to go it alone any longer.

And I’m going to take a major risk on you.

I’m going to let you try the Personal Family Lawyer® and Creative Business Lawyer™ programs and see everything I have, try it out, and see how it works for you without any sort of a big upfront payment at all (I used to charge $7,500 for the down payment in this program AND the materials I'll send you are worth over $10,000 if purchased separately)...

I only want you to be a Personal Family Lawyer® and/or Creative Business Lawyer™, if you love it and it’s providing value. If you don’t or it isn’t, quit. All I ask is that you reach out for help before you do that.

I have helped lawyer after lawyer go from struggling to six figures and I can help you do it too, but you have to be sure to reach out and ask for help if you need it, okay?

Also, please understand that it does take about a year to implement all the changes I am going to ask you to make in your business. You will definitely see an increase in business before that if you get into action right away, but you will not see a total transformation for about a year. In the past, I required lawyers joining us to commit to one year or pay a big cancellation fee.

But I don’t feel the need to do that anymore because I trust that if you join us, you are committed to moving through the emotional stuff that is sure to come up whenever you are making changes in your life or business.

And that we will provide the support to guide you through those blocks.

I also know there is no possible way you could replicate what we are providing you with any other way without investing thousands of dollars a month and that if you want to love lawyering again (which of course you do), this is the single best way for that to happen.

How We Can Provide So Much and Keep Your Investment So Low?

When I first offered this program in April of 2007, I charged $997 month for just the Personal Family Lawyer® program. That was before there was a book, television appearances, a custom landing page, web copy, leads, a Kids Protection Planning Program and everything else I have since created for you to use. And back then, there was no Creative Business Lawyer™ or Family Business Lawyer™ program.

Basically, there was coaching and a name.

Lawyers were happy to pay it, especially when we increased the investment to require a $7,500 down payment and $1,500/month, but we kept all of our original members at the $997/month pricing.

We were making lots of money at those prices, but there was something wrong with our model:

  1. It was not tiered, there was only one way to be a PFL – and it was $1,500/mo.

  2. We did not have a program whereby after a year of training, you could drop your membership investment down to a lower price point.

  3. After the $1,500/mo for training, many lawyers did not have the additional resources to invest in their marketing.

  4. We had an area exclusivity promise that was a big investment for us to deal with on a monthly basis.

So over the past year, I deconstructed the program. I have streamlined the delivery of our services and resources. I automated as much as possible, added additional services I knew you wanted, added the Creative Business Lawyer™ designation, which has now been in beta for a year and worked on the pricing to make it as affordable and accessible to as many lawyers as I possibly could.

With all this shifting, we were able to cut the investment in the program significantly and serve you even better..

If you were to try to replicate these resources in your own office without our help, here's what you would expect to pay for just some of what we provide:

  • Personal Family Lawyer® Website Copy ($1500) + Creative Business Lawyer™ Website Copy ($1,500)

  • Custom Landing Page & Full Website for Parents to Name Legal Guardians for Kids ($10,000)

  • Custom lead Generation Landing Page/Website for Business Owners

  • Kids Protection Planning Software ($2,500)

  • Pre-Meeting Package Templates ($1,500)

  • Monthly Marketing Campaign ($5,000/mo.) You Can Use in Your Own Local Community to Generate New Client Appointments Each and Every Month

  • Weekly High Quality Article With a Strong Call to Action for You to Post on Your Blog and in Your Email Newsletter ($600/mo.)

  • Personal Monthly Newsletter to Send to Prospects, Clients and Referral Sources So You Stay Top of Their Mind ($500/mo.)

  • Monthly Law Business Coaching Just for PFLs/CBLs & FBLs with Alexis (Not Avail at Any Price)

  • Private Laser Sessions with Alexis When You Need Extra Support or Are Preparing for a Big Event

  • Members’ Only Forum for Networking & Connection ($100/mo.)

  • Proven Ads and Presentations to Get Your Phone Ringing ($20,000)

  • Family Wealth Legacy Interview Process to Help Your Family and Business Owner Clients Create a Real Legacy Around Their Loved Ones and Their Work ($100/mo.)

  • Custom Landing Page to Generate Leads Using LIFT Audit and/or Eleven Mistakes Report & 15 Minute Training Video ($3,000)

  • Proven LIFT Presentation So You Can Immediately Begin Speaking to Business Owners in Your Community With a Talk Proven to Convert ($5,000)

  • LIFT Foundation System Info Product for Lead Generation ($20,000)

  • Money Map Home Study Program Turns You Into a Trusted Business Advisor, Not Just a Lawyer ($20,000)

I Have Systematized All of This So You
Don't Have to Do Any Of It Yourself

Use my proven, tested, guaranteed to work systems for a small initial set up fee (you will not be charged for the materials as long as you are a member in good standing) and a low monthly deposit (that will pay for itself with just one additional new client every few months).

So, now is the time. Join us. We would love to get you serving families and business owners the PFL Way™, show you how to be known in your community as the go to lawyer for the people you serve and send you prospects who are looking for a new paradigm lawyer.

Here’s where you join:

If you have any questions , just drop us an email at support(at) NewLawBusinessModel.com

I look forward to seeing you on the inside!


PS – When you join us now, you are locking in the least expensive investment in the program possible. No matter how much the investment goes up in the future, your investment will never increase, not a dime, for the life of your membership.

Join now:

"As a new firm, with both of us transitioning from being government attorneys, we were worried about the business side of practice. We know how to be great lawyers, but not how to be entrepreneurs. We were excited to find Alexis. After implementing parts of her system - with lots more to implement - we are engaging about 90% of the time.

We’ve gotten flowers from a client, and regularly have clients offer testimonials before we even have a chance to ask.

We can't thank you enough for helping us ensure that our transition into private practice has been successful and rewarding!"

~Melissa O’Dea and Maria Woodman, O’Dea Woodman, P.C

Summary of Today's Offer:

Join Personal Family Lawyer®, Creative Business Lawyer™ (or both and become a Family Business Lawyer™) today and receive:

For Personal Family Lawyers®:

* Client Engagement System, Kids Protection Planning System, Client Service System (by mail and immediate electronic access) with only a $500 initial set up fee (you will not be charged for the materials as long as you are a member in good standing).

* Monthly marketing materials, coaching support, content and campaigns to reach families in your community)

For Creative Business Lawyers™:

* Client Engagement System, Money Map to Freedom, LIFT Foundation System & Toolkit (by mail and immediate electronic access) with only a $500 initial set up fee (you will not be charged for the materials as long as you are a member in good standing).

* Monthly marketing materials, coaching support, content and campaigns to reach families in your community)

For Family Business Lawyers™:

Receive EVERYTHING in both programs. Only $1000 initial set up fee (you will not be charged for the materials as long as you are a member in good standing).

PLUS, discounted membership in BOTH programs, meaning twice the content, campaigns and marketing materials.

I'm not quite ready to be a Personal Family Lawyer, Creative Business Lawyer or Family Business Lawyer, but I am ready to get started…

Email us at [email protected] with any questions you have.