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Check Out Our Infusionsoft Fully Automated Law Practice Service, Including Email Marketing, & Client Engagement, Client Services, and Client Retention Automation So Your Clients Turn Into Raving Fans Who Pay You For Life

Whether you have your own website, or you’re interested in the website options above, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to proactively engage your prospects and turn your clients into raving fans, automated.

Full Technology allows you to pair your website conversion tools with the powerhouse Infusionsoft automated marketing and our proven “done for you” campaigns for attracting, engaging, serving and retaining your clients for life.

These automated campaigns funnel your prospects directly into the proper pipeline based on their interest or need. Then you will continue to nurture the relationship with fully automated email messages at just the right timing. Each email is triggered either by an action the prospect takes (opening an email or not) or by a proven time allowance. By using these successful campaigns, you can “automatically” take your practice to the next level.

Here’s what you get with your INFUSIONSOFT IMPLEMENTATION:

Note: All campaigns are fully built out. Lawyer approves all emails.

Client Attraction System Campaigns – multiple campaigns to woo your prospects in language they need to hear, for reasons that move them into action.

  • Kids Protection Plan (set up in your Infusionsoft and also on the custom landing page) so that when families name legal guardians on your custom website they receive custom follow up messages from you, rather than from us.
  • Wear Clean Underwear Book Giveaway — one of the most successful lead generation campaigns we have is for you to give away copies of the best-selling book on legal planning for parents and then follow that up with a relationship-building email campaign that gets your prospects into your office.
  • 6 Errors Businesses and Families Make When Choosing an Attorney (for FBLs) – this Free Report is designed for those of you serving families and small business owners to use as your main lead generator on your website. Includes a full follow up email campaign.
  • 6 Common Mistakes Parents Make When Naming Guardians (for PFLS) – for those of you only serving families and focusing on families with young children, consider this free report for your main lead generation on your website. Includes a complete follow up email campaign.

Client Engagement System – proven campaign to transform prospects into paying clients excited about working with you.

  • Use our automated intake form to ensure you capture everything needed from everyone who inquires, whether they make the appointment or not, and make it more likely they do book with our built-in intake coaching/scripting right in the form.
  • Ensure every prospect who calls gets exactly what they need before their appointment, so they keep their appointment and come in ready to engage.
  • Never wonder if a ball is getting dropped or if emails aren’t getting sent out, confirmation calls aren’t being made and collect more homework from prospects before their meetings.

Client Service System – automated email sequences ensure your clients become raving fans.

  • multi-step email campaign to welcome your clients into the family;
  • ensure your clients never feel the buyers remorse that can come after writing a big check;
  • keep your planning on track with automated reminders to your whole team at every stage so that nothing falls through the cracks between meetings and you are ready for the signing and final meetings without stress

Client Retention System – manage your recurring revenue, monthly membership program with ease.

  • Take automated payments from your VIP membership clients;
  • Use our monthly email stick campaign so your VIP members feel special and are reminded of the value they are receiving;
  • Automate your annual review and plan update process with our done for you campaigns.

In Addition, You have a front row seat reserved on bi-monthly Coaching Calls focused on these campaigns and Infusionsoft questions & answers.

Of course, we fully integrate your existing data with a seamless Data Import, basic excel template provided.

And, just to make sure you’re getting a huge return on your investment, we’re including the following Bonuses:

  • Bonus – Standard Reporting Setup
  • Bonus – Tracking dashboard so you can see at-a-glance how many new leads you have, how many new appointments are booked, how many clients you have, and how many members you have, plus where each prospect is in your pipeline.
  • Bonus – Fully Customizable Email Newsletter Template:

Newsletter Sample

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