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–Without Reinventing The Wheel–
By Using Proven, Repeatable Systems…*

I’m ready to really love my law practice and use my law degree for things I love doing…

… as a Personal Family Lawyer®

… making a real difference in my clients’ lives for generations — serving as the trusted advisor to families in my community who want and need more than a cold set of legal documents.

… or Creative Business Lawyer®

… serving businesses and business owners in my community who desire a life-long relationship with me as their trusted advisor and team member.

… or Both — a “Family Business Lawyer”™

… serving BOTH families AND businesses in my community, doing everything listed above as BOTH a Personal Family Lawyer® AND a Creative Business Lawyer®.

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Just 15 new members can be accepted at this time due to limited availability of our experienced personal law business coaches who guide you one-on-one as you establish your new law business model. (Alexis Neely will also coach and guide you in almost-weekly group coaching sessions along with Geoff Hoatson and/or Denise Gosnell, creators of the Estate Planning Bootcamp and Business Practice Bootcamp. You will NEVER be alone in your law business transformation–we guarantee it.)

Added Bonuses (~$3000 Value) for Enrolling Today!
MONEY For Your Business and Perpetual Marketing Machine

BONUS: If you enroll within the next 6 days (and limited to 15 people this time, sorry!), we’ll give you TWO HUGE added bonuses that solve the #1 and #2 problems attorneys face when establishing or growing their practices… MONEY and PROSPECTS.

BONUS #1: “Money For Your Business” Business Plan, Working Capital Resources, and Pathway ($997 Value):

  • The actual business plan that Martha Hartney used to get her $65,000 bank loan for new practice (“the best business plan” that banker had ever seen). You can copy and adapt this plan for your own use. PLUS…
  • A direct introduction from Alexis to the team that consistently obtains zero% interest unsecured loans (now totaling well over $1M) for our members to invest in growing their practices. This group really gets it done, and they have options regardless of your credit score.
  • And more…

BONUS #2: “Perpetual Marketing Machine” ($1997 Value):

  • Stop chasing clients–let them start chasing you instead.
  • Create your own custom lead generation magnet that consistently attracts pre-qualified, interested prospects.
  • Rely on an automated, consistent communication campaign to prepare the minds of your prospects and keep you on their minds.
  • And much more…

CALL NOW and start the enrollment interview process, to see if you qualify to become a Personal Family Lawyer®, Creative Business Lawyer®, or Family Business Lawyer™, before our limited enrollment spots fill up or this offer expires!

Get the coaching, mentoring, tools, proven systems, marketing materials and support that can transform your law business without needing to create everything yourself (the slow, hard, expensive way)!

  • Enjoy recurring, stable revenues;*
  • Attract the clients you need with a system that gets your phone ringing steadily with qualified prospects;
  • Live a schedule you control;
  • Own a high-end, concierge style law practice serving people who are happy to pay for upscale services, but do not want to pay a $400/hour law firm;
  • Be loved by your clients who value you, value what you do for them, and tell others about your services;
  • Stop worrying about the next LegalZoom or UpCounsel (because they will no longer be able to replace what you will do);
  • Flexibly tailor your practice, if you wish, to be accessible to those who have more limited means and truly make a difference in their lives;
  • Dial-up or dial-down your income, as you choose, based on how much you want to work — with your time, money and how you get paid all fully in your control;
  • Let MY bestselling book do work for YOU (and my other tools and systems) promoting YOUR law business without needing to write or create them yourself from scratch; and …
  • REALLY love your law practice (again)!

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*Dollar-for-Dollar Credit will be given for any programs previously purchased that are included with membership to apply toward the Systems Fee.

Q: What do I get?

Click any of the PFL, CBL, or FBL “Order Now” or “Save Now” buttons above to see the details including all the current bonuses for ordering today.

Q: What happens if I’ve already invested in one of the programs that is included in the membership I want to join?

If you’ve already invested in one of the programs included in the membership you are joining, we will provide you with dollar-for-dollar credit (minus any shipping and finance charges) to apply towards your systems fee at the time you enroll. If you have previously received a hardcopy of one of the programs, another copy will not be mailed to you upon membership enrollment.

Q: IMPORTANT: Is an annual commitment worthwhile?

It’s extremely valuable and important to you. We can explain best by showing you the actual statistics for our programs. These are the TYPICAL, AVERAGE transformation results for all our Personal Family Lawyers®, Creative Business Lawyers®, and Family Business Lawyers™:

*Data as of 3/11/2015. All data from all respondents using any of our systems, first 16 or 18 months in our coached membership programs. We update these roughly twice per quarter–check back to see the continual improvement in our systems and coaching. Pre-program scores are measured initially and then again as a 6 month retrospective. 3rd or 5th degree polynomial trendline chart.

Do you see why it’s important to commit (up front) so you get all the benefits of your program? What would happen if you stopped partway through the process? (Not only would you stagnate, you’d likely lose what you started to enjoy because the different parts of the system support each other to allow ongoing, improving success.)

When you commit to make the entire change, starting with the first 12 months, you…

  • Establish a proven, realistic plan for success,
  • Protect your investment of time and money,
  • Capitalize on all the coaching, mentoring, and tools we provide for success, and
  • Save a ton of money!

That’s why the annual commitment
is almost always your best option, by far.

Call 1-844-785-8532 Now

To get your questions answered or to enroll (while space is available)

OR, if now isn’t convenient…

Remember! Space is VERY limited–

Just 15 new members at this time due to limited availability of our experienced personal law business coaches who guide you one-on-one as you establish your new law business model.

Want to Save Even More? A LOT More?

SAVINGS: Prepay your first 5 months on your Annual Commitment Plan and receive your 6th month free!

MUCH BIGGER SAVINGS and BONUS: Prepay the first 10 months on your Annual Commitment Plan and:

  • Receive your 11th and 12th months free, PLUS
  • Get a personal, one-on-one Laser Coaching Session with Alexis Neely! These days Alexis charges $2500/hr for personal coaching IF you can even get an appointment. Use your special 20-minute session to jumpstart at the beginning, tailoring your experience to your unique needs, OR save it to get an extra boost when you encounter hurdles during the process. It’s your choice.

Just choose the correct prepay option on an ANNUAL COMMITMENT
at checkout to receive these bonuses.

To schedule your personal Laser Coaching Session with Alexis, email [email protected] when you’re ready.

Q: Who is using your programs, and what has been their experience? What kind of attorneys can you help?

You can see MANY of their comments plus actual and typical results
on our Results Page. We get many new comments like this every month.

Alexis Neely and our other Law Business Mentors have trained hundreds of lawyers on how to attract, engage, serve and retain clients using our new paradigm business model, which is more-or-less universally loved by both lawyers and their clients.

Here are a few of our current and recent program members…*

“I have been a Personal Family Lawyer® for four years now. The details I learned from the Personal Family Lawyer® program, I would have never thought of on my own or learned from a traditional estate planning practice.

The systems we put in place from the program allowed me to not be present in my firm as much last year as I normally would, but we were able to stay on track even though I wasn’t there.

I jumped back in about two months ago, and today, our phones are literally ringing off the hook. We’re only halfway through January, and we are already on track for January to be the biggest month in the history of my law firm. It’s a great way to start the New Year, and I owe it all to the Personal Family Lawyer® program.”

Nicole Newman

Nicole Newman, Newman Law Group, Tustin, CA

“It’s a great way to have your own practice but not be alone. Great foolproof method to engage the clients you want to engage, and deliver high quality to your clients, and have a lifestyle where you have reasonable hours.”

Erach Screwvala

Erach Screwvala, Screwvala LLC, New York City, NY

David Feakes,


Whether you are just starting out or have been at this for years, the training we provide will support you to make the transition from the kind of lawyer you don’t love to be (or one who is struggling) into what you’ve always known was possible.

Q: How is the program delivered? How long does it take?
You will access this training through our online membership portal so you can go at your own pace. If you want to receive all the training in a few weeks, you can do that. If you would prefer to stretch it out over one year, you can do that too. You decide how fast or slow to go based on your life and business circumstances.

Depending on the program you choose, there is also a huge volume of marketing and supporting materials (and new materials being added every month) which you will use in your new law business model to attract clients, to engage them reliably, and to bill them effectively and retain them. These materials are also provided online for your continued access as a member. You will use these regularly.

Finally, you need to participate in the near-weekly group coaching sessions and monthly one-on-one coaching sessions to work past obstacles and learn and implement as quickly as possible. This is where a lot of the deepest learning happens, where you overcome and resolve any sticking points.

Our systems are focused on getting you up to speed as quickly as possible because we want you to realize a good return on investment ASAP. Our coaches are constantly looking for new “accelerators” to help different attorneys (with different needs) to ramp them up to speed as fast as possible.

Call 1-844-785-8532 Now

To get your questions answered or to enroll (while space is available)

OR, if now isn’t convenient…

Remember! Space is VERY limited–

Just 15 new members at this time due to limited availability of our experienced personal law business coaches who guide you one-on-one as you establish your new law business model. So if you know you’re ready, skip the line and enroll right now instead of calling.

Don’t put this off! Call or ORDER NOW and get started! You deserve to LOVE every aspect of your law practice!

*These are actual results. Typically, lawyers who follow our systems, principles, and coaching experience increased average fees, higher engagement rates, and greater career fulfillment. Your results will (of course) vary based on your effort and application of these tools, so identical results or income cannot be guaranteed. Our programs ARE covered under the terms of our No Fail Guarantee at